Yes, I am an adult, but I love friendship jewelry! Of course I had multiple versions of those broken-heart friendship necklaces as a kid (you know you did too). But in my 30’s, I still think it’s such a sweet, subtle way to honor a friendship with someone whom you value tremendously.

In the summer of 2010, I met Alli. It was truly an instant connection, as our 6-week old girls had been born one day apart (on the cusp! Capri is a Gemini and Vi is a Cancer). Not to mention we realized we were married on the same day of the same year… which happened to be the year prior. Fast movers! Oh and we lived 3 blocks apart. We loved each other right off the bat, and I think it changed both of our experiences of motherhood from that day on. We were like two little girls ourselves as we laughed and cried trying to figure out how to transition from solely career-women to partly-moms/partly-career women.

Over the next 2 years, we spent an absurd amount of time together, as did our daughters. We saw Alli and Capri almost daily, at classes, parks, road trips, etc. One of the most joyful aspects of our relationship was watching our girls form their own friendship. We didn’t do a thing, they just fell for each other naturally.

And then, this past spring, we moved to Brooklyn. And two months later, Alli and Capri moved to Westport, CT. Truthfully, it was sort of devastating but what could we do. This is how life goes with kids and husbands and rent hikes and what not. I didn’t know what to do for a bit, and then decided that we needed friendship bracelets as a constant reminder that we actually weren’t that far away from each other (it’s a 1-hr drive to Westport). I bought simple string ones that we both wear every day, but now we need an upgrade. Something nicer (maybe sparklier) to commemorate our bond! Right?

Above is a collection of friendship bracelets that I put together, should you be interested! Links here…

Lyre gold bracelet, Jaclyn Mayer, $154; Nightingale bracelet, Steven Alan, $54; Flourite and Coral bracelet, Fortune, $29; Hot pink friendship bracelet, Scosha, $26; Braided friendship bracelet, Madewell, $10; Hilo wrap, Julie Rofman, $135; Gold cylinder bracelet, Steven Alan, $184; No. 102 bracelet, Leif, $35; Sisters bracelet, Minoux, $48; Nautical heart bracelet, Robin Mollicone, $58; Astrid Cuff, Steven Alan $172, Wide beaded bracelet, Julie Rofman, $175

And below is a collection of photos of our little besties— ranging from 3 months to 2 years old.

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