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Comparing ourselves to others sucks. We are all guilty of it at times, it’s just a very human temptation.

Someone I value very much recently used a great analogy.  A devoted yoga practitioner, she mentioned the danger of “the wandering eye” during a yoga class. If you look around, you will likely see others practicing very differently than you. Chances are, you will fixate on the person who seems, well… better at it than you. He/she may masterfully move through the asanas with (seemingly) no effort. That person may take on shapes that you are pretty sure you will never in your life successfully “do.”

In the midst of your distraction, you lose your focus. You find yourself falling out of a balancing pose or torquing a joint unsafely just to achieve a bind. You have lost site of your own practice and potentially injured yourself.

Lately I am working hard at spotting it when I feel my mind going to that lose-lose place of comparisons. Every time I do, I try to pause and bring just one thing to mind that I am thankful for. I find that it brings me back to myself, my own way.

Above photo by Elena Ray

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