A friend of mine told me about this TED talk, by Brené Brown. She talks about the idea of wholeheartedness, which reminds of the parenting manifesto that I posted about last year. What she says is at the same time very obvious, and also incredibly revealing. Through years of research, she found that the people in life who are most fulfilled are the ones who experience deep connections with other people; they are able to do this by allowing themselves to be vulnerable. She theorizes that the more you try to hide it, the more you suffer.

When I think about this idea visually, the sultry graphic above by Saul Bass comes to mind. He designed and featured it on this poster in 1971. …So many messages in that very simple form, which is actually quite complex because there is such vulnerability hiding behind the seemingly coy confidence.

Perhaps nude photographer Thorsten Jankowski was inspired by vulnerability (and Bass’ poster) when he took this photo…


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